What is a Kamado Grill GG? The history

The Kamado grill is a versatile device where you can cook many different types of food. A real kamado is made of ceramic, although steel kamados have also recently begun to be made, making them several times cheaper. Ceramic kamados are characterized by their great ability to retain heat, all you have to do is light the charcoal, wait a moment and you can cook for many hours without adding more charcoal.

Kamado is actually like a charcoal grill whose construction provides excellent conditions for not only cooking hamburgers or steaks but also slow-cutting things like ribs for many hours. Airtight construction, especially ceramic, is excellent at keeping the heat in, allowing you to cook in a kamado for many hours on the same batch of charcoal. Another very valuable thing is also the flavor benefits of food cooked on a kamado grill, the charcoal generates a lot of smoke which gives your food a great taste. If you love traditional charcoal-grilled food (like one from a kettle), then we’re sure you’ll love the kamado grill even more.

A small inconvenience or obstacle at first could be the temperature control. In a kamado, the temperature is controlled by two air vents, one located at the bottom and the other at the top. You have to control them properly to control the temperature, it can be a bit difficult for beginners. Don’t worry, we have prepared a complete guide for you where you will learn how to use a kamado grill properly.

Kamado: everything you need to know before buying

Kamado is not a brand, it is a cooking system with charcoal, surely the most versatile cooking system with fire on the market. And it is because it is capable of cooking in grill mode, in oven mode, cold smoking, hot smoking, and cooking at low temperature with embers… who gives more?

That is why it is breaking sales records and the main barbecue brands are beginning to get nervous, as their market share is falling compared to the rise of the beloved kamado. They incorporate metal deflectors to imitate the oven mode, and even other brands have brought metal kamados to the market but how sad Find out manufacturers, the kamado is made with ceramic, they are neither metal nor clay, they are ceramic!!!! Everything that is not of this material is either a crude copy or they try to compete with a product that is taking away their market.

The kamado grilli vertailu made of ceramic heats up more slowly, but it takes much longer to lose the stability of the desired temperature, or as it is called in kamado slang, temperature stabilized. In addition, ceramic is much more resistant than clay to possible shocks and changes in temperature, and of course, it cooks in a different way than metal.

The differences between the main brands are in the different sizes and in the different configurations that they can carry inside, that is, the greater the number of configuration elements, the more cooking possibilities increase, and therefore you will be able to get much more out of your kamado. In this case, size does matter… you can find kamados in three basic sizes: small, medium, and large…. The small ones are quicker to heat up and stabilize at the desired temperature, but they have little capacity against them.

If you want to cook a suckling pig, to give a tasty example, it is possible that you have to split it because it does not enter whole. The medium ones usually have a cooking grid of about 46 cm, a measure that already allows us to get into cooking for more diners and bulky foods, such as a leg of lamb. And the so-called big is the largest, but as a general rule, they are purchased by restaurants, since their capacity is greater and they provide greater service.

Ideally, let yourself be advised by a professional point of sale in which they will explain all the possibilities offered by the chosen model and, above all, they will teach us how to get the most out of it. Prices range between 500 euros and 700 euros for the small ones and over 1000 for the medium ones. We are talking about basic configurations, but we are talking about authentic kamados, not imitations.

If you surf the internet you will see that there are many offers, with prices below the market of the main brands; but prices below half of the brands like Joe or Monolith, obviously they are mud and lack basic accessories, such as a deflector or a grill lift, with which you will basically be buying a mud grill.

But in addition, it is most likely that you will have to upload it to your home and you will have to assemble it yourself, a service that official distributors generally already offer in premium kamado brands. And if on top of that you buy it on the fashion platform, they won’t even upload it to your house so, if it arrives with a broken part, which usually happens in pseudo clay kamados, go claim Rita the Cantara.

Of course, I recommend that you buy a kamado if you are going to get the most out of it, if cooking is part of your passion; That’s when you’re going to really enjoy it. If you are going to buy a kamado to cook in grill mode or simply for aesthetics, which I would also understand, then I would buy a weber barbecue that costs much less and will do the job you are looking for.

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