What is Cybercrime?

Criminals are essentially everything that’s wrong with our society. They have so much malice in their hearts. Therefore, they are always looking for opportunities to get their next paycheck somehow. These people are looking for the next sadistic kick that they get in seeing the suffering of innocent individuals. In more recent times, these malefactors have found another opportunity to indulge in criminal activities. With the advent of the Internet and social media, a new kind of criminal activity has emerged. Cyber Crime refers to any kind of felonious activity committed in cyberspace that is the Internet. It can include the hacking of private Internet domains, identity theft, الابتزاز الالكتروني, distribution of any sort of digital contraband, etc. In simple terms, cybercrime is any sort of crime that is committed via the Internet.

The usage of the Internet has become as much part of our lives as breathing. We spend time scrolling endlessly through social media, contacting and staying in touch with our loved ones. Therefore, the Internet continues to consume a huge chunk of our lives day-to-day lives. Amidst all this, we may run into someone on the Internet involved in criminal activity. They may approach innocent and clueless individuals and make them victims of various potential crimes. Thus, to go about our daily routine in public cyberspace, we must be wary of those looking to harm us.

Here are a few types of cybercrime:

Types of Cybercrime

Although there are several types, we will only be discussing the following three.


Cyberbullying refers to the bullying or intimidation of others in public cyberspace through digital or electronic means. It is especially common amongst teenagers who are out and about on the Internet, oftentimes in search of validation. Cyberbullying includes sharing, sending or making fun of others’ private content with the intent of causing embarrassment or humiliation.

Electronic Blackmail

In recent times, we may have heard of the term: electronic ابتزاز جنسي. Whether it be on the news or an article we read online, it’s clear that it is an emerging issue. It refers to an act of coercion of individuals, through the use of digital means connected to the Internet, by threatening to publicise concealed information unless certain demands are met.

Identity Theft

Identity theft refers to the deceitful deed of the usage of another person’s name or private information. Often in acts that involve fraud or deceit.


Cybercrime is, in every definition, a felony. Therefore, it can lead to incarceration. Anyone can become a target of this activity, so we need to do our due diligence regarding this. We must know when and how to contact the authorities to report and protect ourselves from becoming victims of cybercrime.

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