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What is email validation and why is it important?

Email validation is an important step in ensuring that the email addresses you have on your mailing list are real, and the people behind them want to receive emails from you. Without email validation, you can waste time and money sending messages to wrong or outdated email addresses.

What is email validation?

Email validation is the process of analyzing the syntax of an email address to verify that it is properly formatted and can be delivered to a mail server for further handling. There are various types of email validation, each with its own set of rules. However they are all similar in their goals – often used in fraud detection, spam filtering, and marketing campaigns.

The process ensures all the email addresses that you collect will actually work. It’s worth mentioning that the difference between valid and invalid email addresses is massive. If you have an invalid email list, you’re not going to get any results from your email marketing. On the other hand, a valid list means that all the contacts on your list will be able to receive and open your emails.

Email validation can be implemented on both Web forms as well as mobile apps. The objective of email validation is to verify that the email is not only real but also belongs to the person who provided it.

How does email validation work?

Email validation involves checking the format of an email address, such as whether it is a valid email address format and whether it is already in use by a different user or if it belongs to a domain that has been blacklisted.

The best email validation tools checks:

  • The Syntax of an email – determine if it is in line with IETF standards 
  • If an email address is branded – determine if the address is linked to a domain or generic (free services)
  • If the email address is disposable – i.e only use for one time use 
  • For the existence of the mail server –  validates the domain linked to an email address by checking the DNS MX records
  • For the existence of the Mailbox – determines if the email-sending emulation techniques can be used to send emails to the address using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 
  • For catch-all email addresses – email addresses that can receive mails from multiple addresses.

Why is email validation important?

Email validation is important for two reasons. One, it prevents bad emails from entering your database. Two, it validates the email addresses of your subscribers so you know how many real people you have on your list versus how many fake ones. 

Benefits of email validation include:

  • Reduce cost from sending email to duds
  • It helps increase your sender score and email campaign quality
  • Saves you time and stress from manual identity verification
  • Helps you identify and keep contacts using disposable email addresses to access freemium services away
  • Makes it easy to identify fake email addresses.

This all adds up to ensuring an effective and successful email marketing campaign.

How to validate email addresses?

There are lots of email validation services online, but the best way to do it yourself is by using an Email Verification API. You just integrate the API with your system per your unique requirements and it would handle the rest. It’s fast, efficient, allows bulk queries and allows users to get 1000 free requests monthly.

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