What Makes Craft Beer Special: Top 5 Things To Know


If you are someone that loves beers, you might have been lucky enough to try some craft types. Beer has always been a favorite drink the world over. Whether it has been baseball games or Sunday brunches, beer has always been a staple in different parts of the world.

Over the years, a silent revolution has been taking place in this ecosystem. As compared to largescale beer manufacturers, a group of creative brewers has been toying with the idea of creating something distinct.

This group has been able to succeed in ushering in the Craft Beer Revolution. In this article, we are going to look at some aspects that make craft beer that extra special from its mainstream counterparts and gluten free beer australia.

If you are someone that is not a lover of craft beer, we promise to convert you into one by the end of the article!

Craft Beer: What you need to know

According to leading craft breweries like Melvin Brewing, what makes this particular type of beer different and special is the brewing process.

Technically, craft beer is produced in relatively low batches. The exact figure for the same is 2 Million Barrels. It is created by independent breweries that are in most instances, standalone ones.

The entire process is more customized, and made special by adding a little bit of more love, care, and more! The process of making craft beer is in line with what was done back in the day. This means going back to the traditional processes and in an area where mechanization of all brewing was not done.

More mainstream beer brands use machines for the brewing process. Their processes are set in stone and not open to customizations. Craft beer by definition is made by individuals that devote time, attention, and energy to the process.

List of 5 Things that make Craft Beer Special: By Brewing Experts

1. The Quality and Richness-

Regular and mainstream manufactured beers are very watered down. They are 95% water, as the billion-dollar brands want to build on the profits and limit the use of ingredients that impart richness and quality. In contrast, craft breweries spend their entire life in trying to make their beers fuller, richer and extravagant. The taste is far better, as is the experience.

2. The Percentage of ABV-

There is a reason why big beer brands have an ABV percentage of 1% or 2%. Do you know why? They want you to keep drinking five or six bottles before you start feeling nice. On the other hand, craft beers have a higher Alcohol-By-Volume percentage. Good brands have it in the 10% to 20% ratio. This ensures that you do not need to break the bank to get a nice buzz.

3. You have Great Options in Craft Beers-

Lite, Hard, and the end! That is what almost all major beer manufacturers have in terms of range. On the other hand, in craft, you can explore hundreds of flavor options. From something strong and rusty to something that is sweet and acidic. A lot of time is spent on experimentation and innovation. There is a craft beer for every mood and season possible.

 4. Great for Food Pairings-

This is something that was never written about beer. In fact, wine was the leader in this segment. However, craft beer has opened a new avenue in this regard. From tasting raw meat cuts to sampling blue cheese and Indian curries, you have a craft beer that pairs excellently with a food item. This is something you can explore if you go for a beer-tasting vacation.

5. Supporting the Local Community and Business-

Drinking beer from a mainstream brand, means you are contributing to their CEO getting a fatter salary package. When you buy from a craft beer brewery, you are helping someone build a small home, or pay for their kids’ college tuition. At a time when small businesses have been ravaged because of the pandemic, all of us should look at supporting local businesses.

The Final Word

To be honest, there is no comparison in terms of the quality between craft beer and regular beer. Once you taste it, you realize what you have been missing out on all these years. If you have any questions or share your viewpoints on what makes craft beer special, you are welcome to do so in the comments below.

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