What to Know About Moving to Ocala, Florida

The woes of living in a cold climate are very real and more and more people are turning to sunny Florida for the ideal place to live and retire. However, huge places like Jacksonville and Tampa are not always the right choice for everyone. Sometimes, a smaller environment with a unique small town feel is what we need and Ocala, FL is the ideal location for anyone looking for a small town with big city personality. Here are just a few things to know before making that big move.

Largest City in the County

Although a population of just over 60,000 people might not seem like a large city, Ocala, FL is actually the largest city in Marion County, FL. The county is home to a variety of industries including hospital manufacturers, so you will never have trouble finding a job or a place to jumpstart your career in Ocala, FL. In fact, the city’s unemployment rating remains low at 5.4%.

Lower Cost of Living

One of the main draws of Florida is its overall cost of living. Where tourist areas can remain relatively high in living costs, off the beaten path areas such as Ocala, FL remain relatively low. The median home value in Ocala is $145,711, so it is easy to find the right place for your family to live without breaking the bank. For those that do not want to set down roots and purchase a home in Ocala, FL, there are plenty of rental options that can give you more flexibility in your move.

Storage Units Are Essential

Homes in Ocala, FL are truly amazing and can provide the right place for your family, but you will not find homes with basements if you intend on using that idea for storing your valuables. Florida is surrounded by ocean and therefore, a basement is simply impractical and attic spaces are limited in their ability to help as well. The high humidity in Florida leads to high mold and mildew in attic spaces, so storage in these areas is not an option. Most residents of Ocala, FL and surrounding areas turn to storage units for the answer. Storage units in Ocala, FL give you the flexibility to move into your new space slowly and provide a versatile space to store valuables safely without any danger.

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The Great Outdoors

The notion of moving to Florida can immediately bring up images of endless beach filled days, but in Ocala, FL, you will have to travel to one side of Florida or the other as Ocala is in almost the very middle of the state. However, the Ocala Wildlife Management Area is the best place to go for a little outdoor fun. A variety of animals and creatures of every kind can be found in this family friendly place. Spend an afternoon exploring the great outdoors in its unspoiled splendor at the Ocala Wildlife Management Area.

Spend the Day at Silver Springs

When you live in Ocala, FL, fun and excitement are moments away. We are not telling you to venture to Orlando for the chance to ride roller coaster, but just around the corner at Silver Springe in Ocala, FL. This theme park is a 350 acre paradise and is growing by the year. Spend the day riding rides and getting up close and personal with some of the world’s rarest animals. These animals do change out from time to time, so in order to see exactly what amazing creatures Silver Springs holds, you will have to go see for yourself.

Some Classic Homes to View

Southern states are known for having some of the most stunning Victorian home designs ever, but unfortunately, not every state has held these remarkably built homes in such honor. Ocala, FL has worked to preserve these buildings and you can see some of the most stunning Victorian homes the south has to offer throughout the area. However, if you desire to be immersed in Victorian homes, take a drive or short stroll down East Fort King Street. Southern charm seems to be everywhere in Ocala, FL and it is not felt more than on this illustrious street.

A World Away from Hustle and Bustle

As stated previously, Ocala is a seemingly small town with a uniquely southern community vibe. However, it does not mean you are cut off from everything. Some small towns can feel a little closed in and the experience can be a little unnerving for some. However, when you want to feel a little lost in a sea of people inside a large city, a short drive will take you to Tampa or Orlando, so you are never too far from the energy of the big city, but able to enjoy the comfort of a small one.

Like Horses, You Will

If you happen to be allergic to horse hair or have a sensitivity to it, Ocala, FL might not be the place you want to set up roots. Ocala, FL is famous for being known as the horse capital of the world. Where Kentucky might be famous for the Derby, Ocala, FL might be to location where all those horse owners make their thoroughbred purchases. Ocala, FL is home to a growing thoroughbred population and some of the best horse breeds in the world are located right here in this remarkable southern town. If you are an avid horse enthusiasts, Ocala, FL is the place to be.

No matter where you come from, Ocala, FL is ready and willing to invite you in. This city is not your typical small town, but one that embraces outsiders with open arms. Moving into this community means it will not take you long to make friends. Whether you find people at the local bar, wilderness outing, or even at a horse auction, you will make friends quickly here. Ocala, FL may seem small at first, but what it lacks in population is made up for with a high quality of warm and inviting individuals.

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