Every person owning a car needs car cleaning services. Development in technology has led to design of car washing machines that makes cleaning easier, faster and more efficient. If you are looking for a machine for business or personal uses, it is important to have information about car washing machine price in Kenya. These details are: type of machines, its price, and what to look for in the machine.

Types of car washing machines on Kenyan market

The main categories of car washing machines are: domestic or personal car washing machines and professional car washing machines. This classification if based on how the machine is used.

Domestic car washing machines small models for home uses. They can be powered by electricity because it is easier to connect to mains electric supply. They produce less pressure and low flow rate.

Professional car washing machines are designed for commercial uses. Their engine ejects water at a very high pressure. They are ideal for deep cleaning, and can be used for other cleaning activities like cleaning carpets. Caution should be taken when using these machines when cleaning some areas because it can cause damage due to high pressure.

Price of car washing machines in Kenya

Each type and model of car washing machine has its own price. This is due to difference in size, operation and functionality. Modern designs are being developed to match with technological advancements.

Personal car washing machines are usually smaller and are aimed for washing personal automobiles or just a few vehicles. The price is determined by features of the selected machine.

Commercial purpose car washing machines are designed for business purposes. They are faster and more efficient. However, they are the most expensive compared to other types.

Generally, the actual price of car washing machine price in Kenya depends on the brand, features and buyer-seller agreement. To avoid fraud, it is advisable to purchase from trusted sellers, manufacturer agents and other trusted sellers. People who own such machines can give offer advice about the price.

Four factors to consider before buying a car washing machine

1. Budget. After looking at features, next is looking at funds available. The choice of machine should fall within the budget.

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2. User needs and requirements.There are various car washing machines designed to meet various user needs. If the user intends to use the machine to wash many business purposes, then a heavy duty machine with high-end features should be purchased.

3. Manufacturer or brand. Some brands and manufacturers are known to produce quality products. Car washing machines should be acquired from a reputable brand or supplier to get a surety of quality device.

4. Features of the machine. Features have a direct impact on the price of any device. Car washing machine price in Kenya is higher for machines with high-end features. Here are the main features that determine the quality, usability and price of car washing machine.

  • Hose length
  • Engine power or size
  • Pressure
  • Flow rate
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Washing a car is considered as a very tedious task. Most car owners often look for the services from elsewhere, creating a business opportunity. Car washing machine can be purchased for personal or business purposes. Having clear information about car washing machine price in Kenya will often lead to an investment that is worth the cost.

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