What types of wigs are there?

Following are some of the most common types of wigs used by women and men. They are available at web shops where you can find one according to your styling preference ranging from lace front wigs to the popular headband wig

Hand-tied wigs:

With hand-tied wigs and hairpieces, the hairs are individually tied by hand on a usually very fine-meshed head covering, resulting in a more natural look. Tying by hand also has the advantage that the hairs are generally attached to the surface somewhat loosely, so that the hairs can be pushed somewhat on the surface, for example to make a parting or to adjust the entire hairstyle. Making a hand-knotted wig takes a lot more time, which means that the purchase price is higher.

 Machine Knotted Wigs:

Machine-knotted wigs use hair weaves that are sewn on a surface, with the result that the wig or hairpiece is finished much faster. The space between the hairs will generally be larger. These types of wigs are generally cheaper and more readily available. They are ideal for people who need to be price conscious in their choice of wigs and hairpieces

Semi Hand-Knotted Wigs:

These wigs can be a combination of machine-sewn hair weaves and hand-knotted hair, but also a combination in the use of natural and synthetic hair. The result is a durable wig with a more natural look at a reasonable price.

Synthetic Wigs:

Synthetic wigs are made from a modified acrylic (which consists of polymers with a certain amount of acrylonitrile), also called modacrylic or kanekalon, which is designed to make the hair look and feel like real hair. This can be achieved, among other things, by making the hair round octagonal instead of round, which creates a shadow effect. By using multiple colors together, an imitation of natural undyed hair can be achieved. The fibers are able to return to their original styled shape by being lightly misted with water and then dried from below. In addition, these artificial fibers will not absorb odors or react to climatic changes, unlike natural hair wigs. Other advantages of this hair lie in the fact that this hair is lighter in weight, unbreakable, cheaper to purchase and also retains color and shape. The color fastness of the hair can also be a disadvantage, because the hair cannot be colored. Perming is also not possible on this hair. Mimicking a natural look with a synthetic wig is entirely dependent on the quality

Natural Hair Wigs:

Natural hair wigs use real hair, which does not necessarily mean that this hair consists of human hair. In some cases animal hair is used (angora, horses, yak and sheep). However, in most wigs using animal hair, this hair is mixed with human hair. Within natural hair wigs can be found wigs in different proportions of human and animal hair, the composition taking into account the different needs for the hair characteristics and the ethnic background of the human hair. Human hair wigs can be changed in color or permed

Buy wigs online

The wigs in the webshop are suitable for almost all head sizes. The wig will then be made to measure for you at an additional cost based on a quotation. You can always select one according to your choice. Even if you can’t afford them there are cheap wigs too which can easily fulfill your need of getting a wig.

Since the styling of a wig is done by hand, the supplied wigs can sometimes differ slightly from each other or from a drawing or photo. This is unavoidable and adds to the uniqueness of each wig.
Wigs are used by many different people for as many different reasons: cancer patients who suffer from the hair loss as a result of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, women who have naturally thin hair and would like to have fuller and thicker hair, women who suffer from this. convenience to not have to worry about a “hair bald day”, and those who want to experiment with “fantasy hairstyles and hair colors” without having to suffer their own hair from the chemical process required to achieve this. Theater, Film, Entertainment, Tv, Dragqueens, Transformations, whatever the reasons, knowing the options available gives you the first step in making the right choice.

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