What you are required to know about laser hair removal in New York

Plucking, shaving, or even waxing is typically tiresome since it should be done regularly to ensure your skin remains smooth. Therefore, to help get rid of unwanted hair on your skin, laser hair removal is a procedure that is worth trying. New York laser hair removal is managed and treated by a team of cosmetic and general dermatologists who offer long-lasting hair reduction that does not consume a lot of time shaving your legs, chest, beneath your arms, or any other body part. Let us learn more about laser hair removal.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a treatment method that involves the use of laser energy to target hair follicles. The pigment in your hair absorbs the thermal energy emitted by the laser. The emitted thermal energy destroys or damages your hair follicle to prolong its growth cycle. With time the treated hair follicles produce less hair, giving you the benefits of enjoying a permanent reduction of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal is a safe treatment procedure because the hair pigment absorbs the laser energy leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. In most cases, your hair grows in different stages, therefore, requiring several treatment sessions. However, once all your hair follicles are treated, the hair is gone forever.

What areas of your body can you treat using laser hair removal?

Today’s laser technology is well advanced in that it can work efficiently in almost every skin color, part of your body, and hair color. The body regions that laser hair treatment can work are the chest, legs, back, underarms, bikini area, or face. Laser hair removal offers equal benefits to men and women who admire smooth skin by getting rid of unwanted hair.

What to expect during your laser hair removal?

The care provider gives you protective eyewear during the laser hair removal procedure to protect your eyes from laser light. This treatment can be mostly tolerated; however, if you have concerns about your comfort during the procedure, a topical numbing cream can be applied to your skin. The experienced specialist then uses a handheld device to slightly press against your skin around the targeted area.

As the laser sends thermal energy through to your hair follicles, you might experience a feeling of snapping of a rubber band or a warm sensation. But some laser devices have an in-built cooling system whose purpose is to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. The entire procedure may last for a few minutes, but it depends on the size of the region being treated.

For instance, your underarms and lips might consume a few minutes each. However, your back and legs may take up to an hour to cover large regions. After the procedure, you might experience some redness on your skin which is expected to disappear shortly after.

If you are interested in saving much of your time spent during waxing and shaving to get rid of unwanted hair, call or visit Manhattan Dermatology and receive your laser hair removal treatment.

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