What you must know about Hair Transplant

Hundreds of articles about Hair transplant in Turkey, many clinics do not talk about negative situations and unsuccessful Hair transplants in Turkey in the competitive environment. Therefore, knowing what can be experienced in unsuccessful hair transplant and taking the right steps depends on your attitude in this regard.

Unsuccessful Hair Transplants in Turkey 

Failure of Hair Transplant in Istanbul may occur due to the technical failure of the surgical team or the sloppy surgical methods. There are many clinics for hair transplant in Turkey , but unfortunately, hair transplant performed by an inexperienced surgeon causes poor results, low self-esteem, patient dissatisfaction and depression.

It is difficult to correct these unsuccessful hair transplants due to shrinkage in the donor area, bad hairline designs and previous scarring. It can also be very traumatic for the patient.

What Are the Recovery Options for Unsuccessful Hair Transplant in Turkey ?

There are certain ways to fix a failed hair transplant:

  • Body hair can be used to save patients whose donor area has been exhausted.
  • FUT The scar on the back of the scalp can be covered by scalp revision or scalp micro pigmentation.
  • A bad frontal hairline can be completely redesigned by removing and relocating the wrong grafts with the help of the FUE technique.

What are the Reasons Behind Unsuccessful Hair Transplant in Turkey ?

Various reasons for unsuccessful hair transplant are as follows:

Drying Graft

When the hair graft is exposed to air for more than 10-20 seconds, it can dry out. Smaller grafts are at a much greater risk of damage or drying out. This may be due to the following conditions:

  • When the grafts are not directly immersed in a physiological solution after extraction.

When cutting the graft inefficiently

  • Shifting the graft from one place to another

Inefficient placement of the graft

Storing the graft for a long time

Solutions for the survival of grafts should be well preserved and in the right composition. The risk of damage is higher if the graft is left out of the body for a long time.

Processing of the Graft

It takes some time for the grafts to be transported from the physiological bath solution to the recipient area, if the grafts are removed and stacked on a surface, the grafts are exposed to air.

Placement of the Graft

It is very important to handle the grafts with care. It requires a steady hand when placing the grafts.

Depth of the Graft

Placing the graft too deep also kills the graft and can produce postoperative folliculitis. Placing a graft too deep or too superficially can cause infection in the hair follicles.

What are the situations where hair transplant repair is required?

Unnatural Hairline Design: The hairline designed in a straight line makes it look unnatural after the Hair Transplant in Turkey.

Placement of the Hairline High: If the hairline is placed too high, the forehead will look too big. It can also lead to permanent baldness.

Low lying placement of the hairline: Patients who have hair transplant in their early 30s may feel that their hair lines are unnatural and look low after a few years. Therefore, hairlines can be corrected by removing the follicular units and reconstructing the hairline.

Dangerous Density

In some cases of unsuccessful hair transplant, the hair may appear less dense and the scalp may still be visible. Placement between grafts can help correct the poor appearance of the scalp. This procedure requires a lot of care and skill.

Large Scar After FUT

Follicular unit transplant usually results in a linear scar on the back of the scalp. If the incision is closed under tension, it may appear as a large scar. Hair transplant can be done to make this scar less visible.

Stretched Wound

Loose stitches or unsuitable surgical instruments may lengthen the wound.

What are the Techniques Used in Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Repair?

The following two techniques are used to repair a failed Hair Transplant in Turkey:

Follicular unit extraction

Follicular unit extraction technique involves the removal of individual follicular grafts from the donor area and placing them in the bald area. In this method, the slits opened to the balding area usually heal as small spots on the scalp that cannot be followed.

Direct Hair Transplant in Turkey 

Direct Hair Transplant or DHT is the latest technique of hair transplant. In this technique, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area and transplanted directly into the recipient area in one step. With this technique, healthy and natural looking hair is obtained.

Why Choose The Hair Center Of Turkey For Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Repair?

It is very difficult to repair unsuccessful hair transplant. Only an experienced and artistic surgeon can do this. The experienced surgeons of the Hair Center of Turkey are known for their accuracy and artistry. Therefore, if you have had an unsuccessful hair transplant, definitely come to the Hair Center of Turkey. Both the wrongdoing will be corrected and you will have the hair you dream of . Call now, make your appointment.

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