What You Need in Your Everyday Health Care

Good health occurs to us solely as a gift, and it is not even a guarantee. The best we can do is take care of ourselves in maintaining and protecting our health. Sometimes it does not seem necessary to see a doctor, especially when we feel okay, but it’s important.

When it comes to primary care, prevention is a big part of it to help preserve your health. Terrance Menard, FNP, a nurse practitioner in Humble, TX, works with the Calvary Urgent Care team to provide compassionate medical care for patients of all ages. Call in today to schedule your consultation.

Calvary Urgent Care offers various affordable services to enhance your living a healthy life. The practice provides comprehensive care, from general medical care to urgent care and diagnosis, to meet your family’s health needs.

Here are some of the services you can expect to get at Calvary Urgent Care.

Wound Care

Why is wound care important? Sadly wounds are part of our lives. Each day we are at risk of physically hurting ourselves and even meeting injuries and accidents along the way. Hence, it is important to have medical care ready to always go for evaluation and treatment.

Wound care helps promote the healing process and prevent infections and further complications. It may involve the following:

  •         Dressing
  •         Pain medications
  •         Regular irrigation
  •         Compression wrapping
  •         Topical antimicrobial ointments

Travel Vaccines

Life is full of adventures, but it is good to ensure you have your health safe while at it. Travel vaccines are important to strengthen your immune system from infectious diseases. They enhance your body against preventable diseases that may present in your area of travel.

Your provider at Calvary Urgent Care will guide you on the vaccines you need depending on your area of travel.

Pregnancy Testing

Even after taking a pregnancy test at home, it is important to confirm your results with a professional medical provider. Calvary Urgent Care offers both urine and blood pregnancy tests to have certain results if you are pregnant.

Having pregnancy testing at a health facility also allows your provider to advise on what to expect and how to take care of your pregnancy.


X-rays are a major diagnostic tool that your provider uses to confirm your condition. The imaging test uses radiation to have an image of your inner structures.

X-rays help assess your condition and evaluate your results. X-ray is effective for use in various conditions, including:

  •         Broken or dislocated bones
  •         Joint pain
  •         Abnormal growths
  •         Lung infections
  •         Chronic pain

Adults and Pediatric Care

Adult and pediatric care at Calvary Urgent Care involves all the primary care services to ensure the health of adults and children of all ages. It includes preventative care, physicals, urgent care, among others.

Adult and pediatric services at Calvary Urgent Care includes the following:

  •         Minor office procedures.
  •         Disease and illness testing and treatment.
  •         Sports, immigration, and school physicals.
  •         Drug testing.
  •         STD testing.
  •         Pharmacy, diagnostic center, and lab.

Contact a Primary Care Provider Today

Preventative care, urgent care, primary care, and physicals are all essential for our healthy living. Calvary Urgent Care provides all that at the highest standard care. Call them today to schedule your appointment.

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