What You Should Know About Hair Loss

Hair loss, irrespective of gender and age, could be devastating. Fortunately, you can address this issue through some simple hair loss treatments. At Honest Hair Restoration in Bradenton, FL, and servicing Sarasota and Tampa, Florida, hair transplant specialist and board-certified Family Medicine expert, Martin Maag, MD, and his staff provide hair loss assistance and advice to assist you in determining what hair restoration treatment is suitable for you. To discover more about your alternatives, arrange an appointment with the hair loss specialist in Lakewood Ranch today by calling the office or utilizing the online scheduling tool.

What Does Hair Loss Support and Consultation Entail?

Hair loss support and consultation with Dr. Maag at Honest Hair Restoration will help you figure out what’s causing your hair loss so he can create a care plan that’s right for you. When considering hair restoration, Dr. Maag assesses various factors, including your health records, genes, preferences, lifestyle, and intended outcome.

He is by your side throughout the whole hair restoration procedure, from the initial consultation to the treatment, recuperation, and beyond. Moreover, Dr. Maag is accessible to respond to concerns you might have along the process, even over the telephone.

What Are the Common Reasons for Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a normal occurrence that affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives. The following are some of the possible causes and risk factors:

o   Genetics.

o   Unbalanced hormones.

o   Inadequacies in nutrition.

o   Getting older.

o   Family history of hair loss.

o   Loss of weight.

o   Radiation therapy.

o   Medications.

o   Some medical disorders.

o   Overwhelming hair treatments.

o   Stress.

Dr. Maag and his colleagues work with you to create a care plan that is ideal for you, considering the many reasons for hair loss. Throughout your care, they always provide you with a voice.

What Are the Advantages of Hair Restoration?

The following are just a few of the various advantages of hair restoration at Honest Hair Restoration:

o   Hair growth has been restored.

o   A thicker, fuller head of hair.

o   There will be no balder spots.

o   Improved self-assurance.

o   A more attractive hairline.

Hair regrowth could help you feel better about yourself, your psychological well-being, and your general life quality. Dr. Maag and his colleagues collaborate to assist you to feel and look your best, provide the assistance you desire, and motivate you throughout your treatment and beyond.

What Hair-Restoration Alternatives Are There?

Honest Hair Restoration offers a variety of hair restoration procedures, including:

o   Low-level laser treatment.

o   Follicular unit extraction (FUE).

o   NeoGraft® assisted ProGrowth Combination FUE, Hair transplantation.

o   Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

o   Exosomal hair restoration.

o   Prescription-strength, custom-blended medications.

Throughout the hair restoration treatment procedure, Dr. Maag collaborates with you to ensure that you get the outcomes you want with little to no downtime. He and his staff consistently exceed expectations.

Do not let your self-esteem be affected by thinning hair or balding. Hair loss and baldness do not have to be a permanent condition! Call or book a hair loss support and consultation appointment online with Dr. Maag and his staff at Honest Hair Restoration.

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