When Do You Need Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery?

West Chester Township is one of the thirteen townships of Butler County, Ohio. It is a small town with outstanding medical facilities, including sports medicine specialists. Shoulder injuries are some of the most common injuries people suffer from, and in some cases, you might require arthroscopic shoulder surgery. arthroscopic shoulder surgery in West Chester is usually done to repair a tear in the tissues and muscles of the shoulder joint. Sports medicine specialists could also address other conditions like instability and arthritis.

The following are some common symptoms that might indicate you need arthroscopic surgery:

Shoulder Instability

Instability refers to an injury with a looseness of the shoulder joint. Instability is usually caused by a traumatic injury or an old tear in the tendons that hold your shoulder together. If you have an unstable shoulder, you might feel like it’s giving way while you’re doing certain activities like playing tennis or just throwing a ball with your kids. With an unstable shoulder, you might also feel a degree of pain in your shoulder after certain activities. In some cases, you could experience a popping sound when your shoulder moves, which might be accompanied by some weakness.

Shoulder Pain

There are various degrees of shoulder pain depending on the extent of injury or damage to the tissues around the joint. However, if you have intense pain, you should consider visiting your doctor to be assessed. You might have one or more of the following conditions leading to the pain:

  • Meniscal tears
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Shoulder instability
  • Impingement syndrome

All these conditions could lead to intense shoulder pain, and in some cases, it might feel like there is a burning sensation. Shoulder pain could also be a result of arthritis. You might have bone spurs that affect the movements in your shoulder and lead to a lot of pain.

Shoulder Weakness

If you have pain but then discover that your shoulder is weak and feels like it has no strength, this might indicate another underlying problem. If there is damage to the tissues around the joint such as a torn rotator cuff or tendons, you might experience weakness in your shoulder. You might also feel like you cannot lift your arm above the shoulder height or that you can’t even elevate your arm when it’s at rest. A weak shoulder could be a symptom of shoulder instability.

Arthritis in the Shoulder

If you have arthritis, it could cause intense pain and weakness in the shoulder area. As the condition worsens over time, you might experience deformity in your arm or shoulder. You might also find it challenging to do even the simplest tasks using your affected shoulder. Arthritis can also lead to crepitus- that clicking or grating sound you feel when you move your shoulder. Arthritis in the shoulder could be due to an old injury or tendonitis.

Generally, when an individual experiences one or more of these symptoms, some underlying problem needs investigation, including arthroscopic surgery. You need to visit a doctor immediately if you experience any of the above symptoms because further tissue damage could lead to some permanent disability.

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