When Does Soldier Patriotism or Nationalism Matter?

Both ‘patriotism’ & ‘nationalism’ are two terms used interchangeably, and defining them is not an easy matter now. One may think that explaining both the concept & meaning of patriotism will come simply to the soldier. After all, we’re the visible symbols of the group, which displays their commitment towards our country by always ready to sacrifice their lives for our nation’s honor.

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Life of a Soldier

The normal Day of Soldiers starts with drills in the morning & afternoon and where they have to practice for the battle. Every soldier needs to know their place in a unit so the army will fight as a group. Fighting together & obeying the commands of their officers is very important for the victory. Between these drills, the soldiers will have to do chores like cooking the meals, fixing the uniforms, and cleaning the equipment. Suppose they had any free time they may play games like poker and dominoes. They enjoyed singing songs as well as writing letters to their home. During the night some of the soldiers will have got guard duty. It can make for a long & tiring day.

  • Patriotism means to support & love our country even if goes through rough and tough times. Still, you love our country, when things aren’t as you desire and you want. Devotion to the country means to stand with it, doesn’t matter what, or working things to make it better for us.
  • Patriotism doesn’t mean our country is just perfect, means we strive hard to be the best if possible.
  • Patriotism means not losing out faith and you know that ideals that the country is founded on go true & you stand by it. You do not give up because something is not going in a way you think it must go. You need to have complete trust in your country and get back on the right path when this has strayed off.

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