When To Consider Getting A CT scan?

When most individuals suffer an injury or fall sick, they visit a physician to determine their problem and treat it. Whereas your specialist can determine what is wrong by listening to your symptoms, this is not always the case. In numerous circumstances, diagnostic imaging may be required to understand better the root cause of your symptoms or what is happening within your body. Of course, there are various diagnostic imaging techniques, but one of the most popular and successful options is CT scans. Although most people have heard of CT scans, not everybody has had one nor understands why somebody might require one. So, when is a Sugar Land CT Scan necessary? Here are some of the common reasons the emergency room practitioners at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital might suggest a CT scan for you:

You Cannot Have An MRI

Not all imaging techniques are alike, and there are situations when a patient’s ability to undertake certain imaging studies is limited. Although CT scans and MRIs are comparable, there are a few elements that distinguish them and a few reasons why physicians might choose one over the other for a given patient.

CT scans are less sensitive to motions than MRIs and need less time to complete. Thus, a CT scan may be the best option if an injury hinders you from lying motionless or comfortable for 30-60 minutes. For instance, if you have any embedded medical equipment that prevents you from getting an MRI.

Your Blood Vessels Require Examination

Whether it is to check for a blockage or something else, CT scans allow specialists to study your blood vessels without any need for surgical interventions or a surgical biopsy. As such, this diagnostic procedure is quite beneficial for persons who require the diagnosis or care of vascular disorders.

Your Injury Comprises Soft Tissue Damage

Unlike typical x-rays, CT scans may generate highly detailed images of the soft tissue surrounding skeletal structures within your body as well as views of the bones. Therefore, if a patient suffers soft tissue damage to the bone, a physician could use CT imaging to precisely identify the injury and create a better treatment plan for the patient.

Your Tumor Requires Surgery

CT scans are frequently used to aid surgeons during procedures such as biopsies. This diagnostic imaging enables your physician to verify the existence of a tumor while providing details and measuring its precise location and size. Moreover, CT scans could assist practitioners in identifying the degree to which the tumor has engulfed the surrounding tissue.

You Require Brain Examination

Typically, there are numerous reasons why physicians may have to inspect the inside state of an individual’s head. CT scans assist specialists by giving them detailed visualizations of the brain. Therefore, whether it is a tissue-related illness or physical trauma damage, your doctor could use a CT scan to help detect and treat disorders in the brain.

Ultimately, there are a plethora of reasons why a CT scan may be required. Whether examining your bones, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, brain, soft tissues, and more, a CT scan is a step toward a more accurate diagnosis and improved care. If you are in Sugar Land, TX, and your physician has requested you get a CT scan, talk to one of the specialists at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital through mobile or book online right away.

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