Which is the best software system for online casinos

The thrill and rush of playing online UK casino games can be so overwhelmingly exciting that you might begin to lose sight of the functioning behind the games that make them work. We do not blame you! Why should you know the software and their developers behind your favourite online casino games, when all you really need to know is how to win?

Well, knowing the game software and which ones are the best, is key to understanding the online casino itself. If you know want to become a master on the igaming scene then you need to know the games inside and out so that you can understand what makes them work! Once you know this, you will have unlocked the information that will help you boost your online casino gaming career to new heights and new wins.

Who are the best online casino software developers?

There are some hefty game developers that make the software that keeps your favourite online casino games rolling perfectly, and maybe you have even heard of a couple of them. If you have not then you need to be checking out our list of the best online casino software developers and with that knowledge, you will be able to turn your igaming up a few notches!

  1. NetEnt – One of the most prominent software creators has to be NetEnt. If you have played any mainstream casino game then it has most definitely been powered by NetEnt. Their over twenty years’ experience means that playing on their software will keep you safe and sure and will definitely maintain those winning streaks!
  2.  Microgaming – Another big fish on the scene has to be Microgaming. Maybe you have not heard of them but instead, you might have heard of the world’s most popular online slot game, Mega Moolah. Their progressive jackpot game has taken the igaming world by storm and the software behind it is one of the most sophisticated and experienced.
  3.  Quickspin – Although this software developer is relatively new in their company age, the Swedish developers definitely have taken the challenge of becoming one of the best in the world. Their technological advancements since 2011 have been unbelievable and they only look like they are improving drastically!

If you want to trust the best online casino software developers, then you need to be playing games by our top three!

Should you play on independent or mainstream software?

It can be hard to decide whether you should go indie or mainstream, especially when it comes to playing online casino games. If you cannot decide then follow our short pros and cons list to make up your own mind and get back to winning those jackpots!

Mainstream Independent
You can trust their software as the best New and interesting games
Provide good security and safety online Support smaller software developers
Their games are usually flashy and exciting Independent games can be inventive in new ways
It has been proven that many players have won with mainstream games Newer companies are competitive with wins so will have attractive offers


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