Who are the best athletes in the history of India and what have been their achievements

India is a country with a rich culture, history and tradition. This incredible culture is also reflected in sports. During all these years, there have been countless highly talented and skilled sports professionals who have marveled not only people in India, but also many others around the world as well. Here we will mention some of them, alongside their main achievements. However, before examining these sports legends in a more detailed manner, it is a good idea to indicate how those capable of making a Parimatch login can benefit from this rich history.

For those who might not know, Parimatch is not only a place where people can make different wagers with great odds. Instead, people can also follow different sports from this platform. This can be done in several ways. First, there are live updates that are being updated permanently. This ensures that even when it is not possible to watch a certain event, it is still possible to know the main things that are taking place within it.

Another interesting feature corresponds to the live streamings. They allow punters to actually watch matches that are taking place. They are available for every owner of a Parimatch account.

All these features are incredible for following everything that is taking place in the world of sports. There is a big probability that an athlete that we are watching right now might be remembered later as one of all-time bests. For this reason, people who take advantage of the different features offered by Parimatch, have the real chance of watching sports history unfolding in front of their eyes.

India’s most important sports people in history

India is a country with such a rich history in the realm of sports that entire books would be needed to give its best sportspeople the coverage and the credit that they deserve. However, for the scope of this article, a few of them will be mentioned, let’s begin.

  •       Milkha Singh. He is known as the “Flying Sikh”. He is credited for being the first Indian national to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth games back in 1958. During his golden years he was a fantastic sprinter, giving lots of medals to his country and making millions cheer for his name.
  •       Sachin Tendulkar. He is also known as the “Little Master”. Obviously, it is impossible to write a list about the best sportspersons in India without mentioning a cricket player. Tendulkar has an all-time batting record. Also, while short in stature and being recognized as a kind-hearted and soft-spoken person, he imposed a lot of respect on the cricket field.
  •       Mithali Raj. Currently she is the captain of the India National Female Cricket Team. There are many reasons why she deserves recognition. First, she has a world record in terms of runs made in one-day internationals. On the other hand, in a country where women were not taken seriously if they stated that they wanted to dedicate themselves to cricket, she managed to climb the ranks and become a highly respected sports person. Also, considering that she is still active, it is possible to follow her matches in Parimatch!

There are many names that were left out of this list for space reasons. However, as it was said before, there are many other sportspeople that deserve a mention of their own. In any case, all future legends are currently playing in the dozens of sports covered by Parimatch. For this reason, everybody should sign up for this platform now.

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