Why Must you Buy Health Insurance for your Parents and its Benefits?

Parents are the ones who brought you into this world. They fulfilled all your dreams as much as they could do. Now when you are a grown-up and your parents are getting older day by, you have the responsibility to care for and help them in their old age. With the increasing pollution, rising medical expenses, it might be difficult for a person to make all ends meet. So, the health insurance companies introduced health insurance plans for parents, focusing on their needs and requirements in the future. 

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There are three types of insurance health plans that provide insurance for your parents. These are:

Family Floater Plan: This covers an individual, and his family, including parents. A family floater plan  provides an overall coverage against any health-related issue.

Individual Health Care Plan: This provides cover to the insured individual only, including immediate family members, like your parents.

Senior citizen health insurance: This policy is for the individual with age above 60. It is perfect for parents, as the chances of health issues increase with the increase in age.

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Coverage under Health Insurance for your Parents:

  • Medical Expenses: All the medical expenses during hospitalization are covered so that you don’t have to worry about the high charges during treatment.
  • Day-care treatments: The illness that requires less than 24 hours of hospitalization such as chemotherapy, diabetes, etc. are also covered.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses: Health insurance for your parents covers all the expenses, including ambulance charges, hospital bedding charges, doctor fees, etc.
  • Treatment of pre-existing illness: Any Pre-existing illnesses are covered after a waiting period. this includes heart-related issues, diabetes, etc.

Expulsions in Health Insurance for Parents:

  • Any non-allopathic treatment are not covered under health insurance plans for parents
  • Injuries from a war and defense operations.
  • Any disease or critical illness within 30 days of buying the policy.
  • Cosmetic surgery expenses.
  • The medical expenses of a pre-existing illness within the waiting period.

Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Policy for your Parents:

  • It provides coverage against medical expenses, pre and post-hospitalization, and critical illness coverage for your parents.
  • It helps you to fight the rising medical expenses, as all these are covered by the insurer itself and hence your parents can get all the healthcare treatment they need.
  • It provides you with financial stability, as most people cannot afford the costly treatment procedures. By taking health insurance you are removed from that financial burden.


With rising inflation, it has become a necessity to get a health insurance policy for your parents, to take good care of them. You should get an insurance plan at an early age for your parents, as with the increasing age, the cost of the policy also increases. Care Insurance with over 7400 hospital networks, cashless claims, and a claim settlement ratio of 95.2% provides health policies for your parents at affordable prices. You can also opt for various add-ons, as it might be necessary if you a medical history in your family.

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