Why Should Children Visit a General Dentist from an Early Age? – Ivis Hernandez, DDS

Kids teeth are very delicate, so it is critical that they see a general dentist as soon as possible. Though baby teeth inevitably fall out and are replaced by adult teeth, they are still vital. Adult teeth are dependent on the development and growth of baby teeth; hence, it is important to regularly see a general dentist. Learning the significance of kids’ dental health is as well critical. This knowledge can assist a kid in developing and maintaining excellent dental health so that they do not experience any problems in the future. For top-quality oral health care for your kid in Houston, TX, talk to general dental specialist Dr. Ivis Hernandez. Nonetheless, you should read this post to discover some reasons why you should always arrange a general dental visit for your kid.

Avoid Dental Cavities and Tooth Decay

According to a recent report, the danger of cavities begins as soon as the first tooth develops at the age of one. For the time milk teeth are present, seeing a dentist at a young age will avoid cavities and tooth rot. Kids are more vulnerable to cavities due to their habits. They utilize gentle toothbrushes because of their gums’ sensitivity and frequently fall asleep when sipping milk. As such, up to 60% of kids have cavities and tooth decay by the time they reach elementary school, which might be avoided with a visit to the dentist at an early age.

To Prevent Bacteria and Infections Accumulation

Kids love sweets and candies. They also cannot be responsible enough to remember flossing and brushing twice daily. As a result, the danger of bacteria and infection grows. Early dental exams will make sure that bacteria building in the mouth is removed before it gets to the gums.

Examine Whether Braces Are Required

A kid’s jaw and mouth build a structure as they get older. Dentists perform examinations and evaluations to determine whether or not their teeth are impacted within the gums. Dentists can use high-tech to inspect teeth before they erupt and develop a hypothetical image of how they would sit in the mouth. As such, it enables them to identify any misalignment early on, allowing them to either prepare the youngster for braces or avoid it entirely. Besides, specific jaw exercises can help you avoid having to wear braces.

To Encourage Healthy Habits

Kids who visit the dentist at a young age have healthier dental habits. Dr. Hernandez will teach you and your kid about the significance of oral health. Moreover, kids that make regular dental visits at a young age are more familiar with dental examinations and form a bond with their dentist. As they get older, this allows them to better deal with any oral concerns.

Checking For Bite and Speech Problems

If a kid is incapable of a proper bite or chew, it can cause serious problems with their nutrient intake. Dental health is linked to speech problems as well. If kids are unable to utter specific syllables, they may develop incorrect pronunciations and sounds, which could turn into a lifelong problem. By analyzing bite or speech difficulties, dentists can assess tooth structure and general dental health in the mouth.

As you celebrate your child’s early life stages, ensure to incorporate your kid’s initial dental visit. It not only helps children keep their pearly whites bright and clean, but it also gives them a jump start on maintaining good dental health. At The Dental Design Studios, you can access excellent oral health care for your kid and the rest of your family. Employing preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Hernandez and her staff guarantee patients top-quality service and care. To explore your options, call the Houston, TX office or request an appointment online today.

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