Why to Sell on AWS Marketplace?

A listing and sales on AWS Market place will offer several advantages, such as consumer comfort, increased and speedier transaction. The key benefit of the marketplace is its end-user experience and with the AWS marketplace purchasers will be provided with simpler billing on a single AWS bill instead of numerous direct invoices by ISVs for their purchases of software. Let’s look at a few of important points:

Flexible costs

Several goods sold as AMIs are charged hourly or monthly on the AWS market so that software suppliers are unable to build and pay any facilities. Flexible costs: Most goods, such big data applications that develop computer workloads, favour hourly costs when choosing a monthly cloud protection manager price. The kind and number of instances used in such cases will be invoiced to customers. Customers benefit from a familiar and straightforward invoicing system as well, as vendors that utilise and sell on AWS Marketplace save time and money by eliminating the difficulties and cost of these processes.

Free Trial Firms

Instead of constructing their own infrastructure for the trials, they will use an hourly-based costing model to give part of the built-in trials to consumers via AWS Marketplace. Customers will be easily moved to the premium version when the free trial period expires.

Annual Subscriptions: These AWS Marketplaces now offer an annual subscription payment option for items that are sold on an hourly basis. The annual membership will be automated and trouble-free, allowing businesses to provide substantial discounts to long-term clients while generating more income up front.

Reliability And Availability

AWS has a good reputation in the industry, thus your items’ listings will get a lot more attention from the vast community that is present here. Aside from that, the AWS marketplace’s search feature naturally presents relevant items to potential buyers. Before listing a product, the AWS team scans and evaluates it to ensure that consumers are purchasing AWS-approved goods. Most of these services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis from those who want to sell on AWS Marketplace.

Statistics on delivery, tracking, and usage

The AWS marketplace has a method that guarantees that only workers of subscription firms that have your listed items may use them in conjunction with AWS cloud. In the event that they choose to unsubscribe, instances must be terminated. Automatic reports are available on the AWS marketplace. These statistics will show you how many people have signed up for your service.

Pricing Options That Are Flexible

Products sold as AMIs can be paid on a monthly or hourly basis through the AWS marketplaces. This eliminates the need for software suppliers to establish a billing infrastructure and a software distribution mechanism. Many people choose a monthly payment for Cloud Protection Manager. On the other hand, other industries, such as computational workloads for Big Data Programs prefer hourly pricing. Before a product is set to sell on AWS Marketplace, it is vetted and validated by the AWS team to ensure that customers are buying AWS-approved products.


AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalogue that allows consumers all around the world to locate, acquire, and start using software running on AWS right away. Industry newbies with born-in-the-cloud technologies, as well as established industry stalwarts, produce and manage the storage software products offered on AWS Marketplace. They contain a wide range of standard storage goods that are already well-known and widely used in businesses.

Every software package on AWS Marketplace has undergone a thorough review. There may be one or more product options on the product page.

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