Why You Should Have a Pregnancy Ultrasound

Unfortunately, one in every eight couples struggles to get pregnant or bring a pregnancy to term. Many factors are to blame for this occurrence, including the reproductive tissues of both males and females. Infertility comes as a disappointment to many, causing depression and ruining marriages.

Consulting a fertility specialist can help sort out your issue and provide solutions. There are various treatment options to improve your fertility chances, including pregnancy ultrasound in Newport Beach, California. Contact OC Fertility today to find out your options.

When to go for your pregnancy ultrasound?

Pregnancy comes as excellent news to many, but it may be scary, especially if it has taken you so long to conceive. The team at OC Fertility offers ultrasounds to help observe your pregnancy after successful fertility treatment. They also offer ultrasound to patients willing to monitor their pregnancy in their first trimester.

The fertility specialists at OC Fertility offer first-trimester pregnancy monitoring to support women in their first weeks of pregnancy.

A pregnancy ultrasound is also recommendable even when you do not have a high-risk pregnancy. It gives you a chance to have an expert check on your pregnancy from the beginning.

Your first-trimester pregnancy monitoring involves visiting your OC Fertility provider every one to two weeks. During this time, your provider ensures your health and that of the baby. The ultrasound is also critical in evaluating the child’s heartbeat and checking for abnormal growth.

Why have an ultrasound?

An ultrasound on your first trimester helps check if the pregnancy is in the correct location to avoid ectopic pregnancies. In addition, your provider can follow the pregnancy progress while checking for any possible issues during the developmental stage.

The ultrasound also helps diagnose your pregnancy, preventing miscarriages. The first trimester involves a lot of changes and growth that require monitoring, hence the need for ultrasound. More information visit this site: mynewsport

Is a pregnancy ultrasound safe?

If you are afraid ultrasound might affect your pregnancy, you should know it is harmless to you and your baby. It is safe and recommendable to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.

How to prepare for an ultrasound?

It is crucial to have a full bladder during an ultrasound. It helps bring a clear image of the fetus and reproductive organs. Your provider may recommend you drink two to three glasses of water an hour before the ultrasound appointment. Visit this site for more information: rtsnet.

What does an ultrasound involve?

An ultrasound occurs while you are lying on a bed or examination table. Your provider then applies a special gel on your abdomen or the pelvic area. The gel allows the sound waves to travel efficiently.

Next, your provider places a small wand on your belly, known as a transducer.  Then moves the transducer to capture images on the ultrasound screen. After getting the necessary images, your provider wipes your belly with wipes, and you are good to go. Click here and show more information: newstheater.

A pregnancy ultrasound is essential during the first trimester to monitor the growth of the fetus and ensure its health. It also helps identify any potential health risks and developmental issues. Consider calling OC Fertility to have your pregnancy ultrasound for effective pregnancy monitoring. For more information visit this site: coschedules

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