The cap is a base where hair is attached to the wig. There are many types of cap wigs available for wigs. The hair is attached to the cap using different techniques. Each type of cap has its unique advantages.  A large variety is available in the market such as water wave wigs and curly wigs etc.These are hair strings that have been doubled and then sewn together in tight strands. The string can then be machine sewn, sewn by hand, or tied horizontally onto the vertical lines on a wig-cap. A standard cap is the most popular and affordable. The layers of hair are machine-sewed to the cap. It has a closed lace layer at its crown. Pre-designed hairstyles are used. The crown is sometimes lightly teased or crimped to hide the cap. This cap gives hair volume by giving it a natural lift at its crown.

The capless wig looks very similar to the regular cap design. It has a vertical lace strip with open spaces between the wefts, and instead of a closed lace layer at its crown, the capless wig does not have a lace layer. Maximum ventilation is possible thanks to the open-wefting crown, back and sides. This cap is lighter and cooler than a standard one.

Monofilament caps can be made from a thin, lightweight nylon or polyester mesh material at their crowns. This gives the appearance of skin and partially exposes the scalp below. Monofilament caps have the best natural look and styling flexibility. Each hair is tied individually at the crown, so it can be parted and brushed any way you like. You can hand tie the entire wig or have the crown made of monofilament with wefted sides. Monofilament wigs can be a good option for people with severe hair loss.

What is better, synthetic hair or human hair?

Synthetic wigs today are almost indistinguishable from hair that was once human hair. This is despite the fact that they have been around for a while. Synthetic wigs require less maintenance and are cheaper. Synthetic wigs are easier to maintain and cost less. The monofilament fiber hair used in making synthetic wigs has “memory”, which means that it retains its texture, volume, curl, and texture. However, synthetic wigs are not made to be permanent and can be permanently damaged by hot rollers, curling irons, blow dryers, or blow dryers.

Human hair

Human hair wigs are the best option. You can style, color, cut and perm your hair to match your individual taste. Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic wigs. Headband wig human hair wigs can be more durable than synthetic wigs, but they are more costly and require more attention. Just like natural hair, they must be washed, dried, styled, and conditioned. They can become frizzy and lose their style, just like your hair. You may feel unable to care for a human hair weave. There are blended wigs made from human hair and synthetic blends. These wigs will give you a natural look while still looking great.

There are four main types of human hair that can be used in wigs: Caucasian, Indian, Indonesian, and Indonesian. The majority of human hair wigs made from human hair are made with Indian or Chinese hair. Caucasian/European hair is the strongest and most durable for wig-making. This type of hair is rarer and more expensive. When making a hairpiece or wig, remy hair should be cut in the same direction as it was when it was cut from the donor’s hair. This extra attention to detail ensures that each hair’s cuticle is in the same direction. This reduces tangling.

How can I get a natural appearance?

Fashion  wigs typically have between 10% and 30% excess hair. This is why professional stylists can fine-tune all wigs. Some wigs can be shaped easily, while others may require significant thinning. A professional stylist can style your wig to fit your face. This is one of the keys to wearing a wig well.

What can I do to care for my wigs?

To preserve its shape, keep your wig in a mannequin/wig stand when not in use.

Your environment, lifestyle, and sweat level will determine how often you clean. Cleaning should be done after approximately 10-14 days of wear. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to clean and condition your hair.

Synthetic and blended wigs

To take care synthetic hair, or blended (synthetic/human), hair wigs, only shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays that are specifically designed for synthetic hair should be used. After shampooing and conditioning your wig, rinse it in cool water. Use a soft towel to dry your wig. Let your wig dry naturally on a stand overnight.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs should only be used with special products because human hair is sensitive to damage and has been processed many times. You can use any shampoo that is formulated specifically for processed hair.

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