Winning Money on Pocket7Games Samsung Version

Pocket7Games will now be available for Samsung users in the Samsung Galaxy Store. While countless iPhone users have already had the chance to win real money across the many skill games Pocket7Games offers, Samsung users will have to act fast and start honing their skills if they want to compete for free money against these talented players.

On Pocket7Games, the competition is fierce and users have the opportunity to compete in skill games, including cash games, tournaments, and rare, timed events, so there are plenty of ways to win real money no matter which game you prefer. Some, like Bingo Clash, 21 Gold, and Bubble Shot have quickly won over the hearts of fans because they offer bright, colorful designs and quick and easy gameplay. Competing for free money and exploring mobile skill gaming has never been easier. Today, users need simply search “Pocket7Games Samsung” on the Samsung Galaxy store to download the app.

However, new users would be remiss if they didn’t take advantage of the offers available for first-time players, all of which will prepare them to take on everything this all in one game platform with over 10 classic games has to offer. For those who  have a friend who has already downloaded the app, simply have them access the “Invite & Rewards” option on their primary drop down menu. From there, click the Cash Miner page and then look for the invitation code available in the top left corner of the Cash Miner screen. Tapping there will then give you an invitation code to share with your friends (or any new-time player). Use this code when you’re creating your Pocket7Games account to get even more freebies for yourself and the friend who shared the code with you! You will also have a chance to win up to a $500 cash bonus!

Of course, on top of these rewards, new users can also expect to find all sorts of freebies like Spin Coins, Bonus Cash, and Scratchers during their first week. Most find themselves strapped with winnings in no time, so it’s important to know that cashing out is super easy — and reliable.

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Pocket7Games remains a trusted withdrawal provider and authorized partner with PayPal, so users can rest assured that the app offers legit payout via trustworthy payment channels. The multiple ways to withdraw include PayPal, check and direct deposit to bank accounts, but many users choose to use their winnings to compete in high stakes games. That said, each person’s Pocket7Games journey is likely to be different, and there is no right or wrong way to win big when it comes to making free money with these skill games.

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So Samsung users, act fast! It’s time to download the app and try playing Pocket7Games’ offerings today — the iPhone users are already competing in tournaments and just waiting for you to log in and give them a run for their money.

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