Woman shot is DC riots

The woman was shot earlier Wednesday because she was tried to break the barricaded door in the capital, and on the spot, police were armed on the other side to the other people to control the situation. The woman was hospitalized for the gunshot wound, but after trying, she has died.

At the time of the violation, the staff members, lawmakers, and more stuff were hiding under the table and saying prayers for their protection. At this moment, all the guns were drawn, and the woman was shot and killed for his access violation. On the spot, the offense was in an uncontrolled situation, the trump flag was hung on the US capitol, and tear gas was used for the graceful rotunda. By the trump supporter, the Glass was also shattered there.

Trump supporters and the law enforcement agencies deployed chemical irritants, and it was long last for long hours before clean, said the police. DC Police, Robert Contee, Washington also said that a woman figure also included who was shot by US capitol police. And the other three people died in medical emergencies. The police said that trump supporter was crowded and roaming in the capital halls from the other source. They are bearing banners of Donald trump, trump flags, and also pounding on doors.

It is also unbelievable that the president spoke to them, mainly this morning. He is the only person who gets relied upon after finish his speaking. People went to the capitol building after turned around.

The violation is obliged the staff community to resigned from the community. So for proper management, the violation needs to stop immediately. Otherwise, it would not be suitable for the nation. A White House official told CNN that Anna Cristina is the White House Special Secretary who resigned immediately for the violence. More staff resigned for this. Not only does the woman die, but the other situation is also not under control.

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