Xbit Provides a Blockchain-based Gaming Experience

Xbit is a project that has been specifically developed for the online gaming world. This project offers a variety of products and advantages for all users and players. As part of this project, Xbit offers a cryptocurrency and an online casino.

In this article, we will go through these one by one. And we will see how Xbit can be beneficial for all users.

But first, we will examine the technological aspects of this digital currency.

Xbit Cryptocurrency

Xbit coin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be different from any other coin in the market. This coin is designed for gaming and for gamers. The main purpose behind the development of this cryptocurrency has been so that it can be used in the online gaming industry. The algorithm that has been implemented in the design of this coin is the well-known SHA256 algorithm. A standard which is also used in many other coins in the crypto world.

Xbit Coin has a fully independent Blockchain network for itself.

The total cap of Xbit is 1 billion coins, which have all been pre-mined. One billion coins are created in this network.


Casino Xbit

As was mentioned above, Xbit is a project that has been developed to revolutionize online gaming industry. Xbit offers an online casino based on the Blockchain technology.

A Blockchain-based online gaming platform completely removes all the issues with the conventional gaming industry, such as scalability, lack of privacy, security, transparency, and efficiency.

Xbit puts power, privacy, and effectiveness in the hands of users and players alike.

Casino Xbit has all the official and necessary permits and license. Casino Xbit is operated by Bit Gaming LLC, which is registered in The St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Xbit Offers Benefits for All Users

The most important benefit of the Xbit Coin is that it is considered as the representative of revenue shares of casino Xbit.

Xbit has been created for a financial service that already exist; an online casino.

So prior to the coin, a financial service, a casino, has been already established with its special services and features. This online gaming apparatus, or this online casino accepts this cryptocurrency.

Those who purchase this coin will receive benefits and interest from the casino. This is exactly like buying stocks in the casino. Because as the casino attracts more players and creates more revenue, the value of the coins increase as well.

There is also the possibility to stake Xbit Coins. With the help of this feature, all the owners of Xbit coins will be able to stake them. In the process of staking, the staked coins are frozen and transferrable. In return, users will receive an annual interest of 5 percent. This allows gamers and all the users to benefit even more with the help of Xbit cryptocurrency.

Concluding Words

So you can see how Xbit can be beneficial for all gamers. you can go to Xbit Casino and enjoy gambling responsibly and professionally. In addition, when you sign up you will receive a bonus of your own choosing to play the game you like for free. Additionally, there are thousands and thousands of games, some of which also have free demo. So, you can play them before gambling to feel the water before going in.

Experience live casino with real live dealers and over 4,000 slot games. All built around the Blockchain-based Xbit coin.

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