Your Only Hope for Stability is in Spinal Health

The spine acts as your main support structure and holds the core nerves in the nervous system. Any damage to the structure, therefore, presents devastating effects. Treating spinal conditions also demands highly experienced specialists to ensure comprehensive diagnosis and treatment and assure you of no chance of complications. Dr. Ajay Varma in Holmdel, New Jersey, is among the leading specialists in the field. The board-certified specialist handles spinal complications like herniated and bulging discs, spinal stenosis, nerve pain, and sciatica. Let’s take a deeper dive into what these services entail.

  • Herniated and Bulging Disc

Your intervertebral discs normally cushion and separate the vertebrae. Normal aging results in stiffening and loss of moisture in these discs. The outer section of the intervertebral disc bulges out due to the deterioration, hence the term bulging disc. A tear or crack in the rough outer shell can result in leaking or herniation of the soft gel-like center of an intervertebral disc. This condition is referred to as herniated disc and protrudes further than a bulging disc. Herniated and bulging discs can cause nerve irritation, numbness, and extreme pain. Dr. Ajay attends to the conditions through a combination of several techniques, including radiofrequency ablation, discography, peripheral nerve stimulation, spinal cord stimulation, platelet-rich plasma injections, selective nerve root block, and physical therapy sessions.

  • Sciatica

This is a severely painful disorder resulting from the entrapment of the sciatic nerve in the lower back. The sciatic nerve exits the spine at the lower side of the lumbar nerve and separates into two, each section going to one of your legs. When pinched, pressed, or damaged, the nerve can cause excruciating pain to radiate to one of your legs. Some of the causative agents include spinal disc degeneration, lumbar spinal stenosis, pregnancy, muscle spasms, and bulging or herniated disc. The highly experienced specialist uses conservative measures to alleviate your symptoms. Some of the techniques you can expect include vertiflex, disc decompressions, trigger point injections, lumbar sympathetic blocks, discography, regenerative medicine, and lifestyle changes like a diet.

  • Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition caused by the narrowing of the bony opening in the spine. The space designated for your spinal cord and nerve then narrows and eventually presses on the nerve roots or spine. The condition causes muscle weakness, numbness, challenges walking, neck pain, and back pain. Prior to treatment, Dr. Ajay conducts a comprehensive physical analysis accompanied by diagnostic tests like CT scans and X-rays to determine the root cause of your pain. He then fashions your treatment plan depending on the severity of your condition, the location affected, and your medical history. The treatment plan involves medication, advanced therapies aimed at alleviating the condition, and in worst cases, surgery.

Alleviating spinal problems is complex and has risks involved. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that only the best handle your condition when you need a spinal procedure. Dr. Ajay of the Gramercy Pain Center in New Jersey guarantees effective treatment of your condition and maximum care during your procedures. Get in touch with him by visiting the facility or utilizing the online tool to schedule an appointment.

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