Yuul Yie – A South Korean Footwear Brand That Celebrates the Beauty of Imperfection

A South-Korean footwear brand that embraces the imperfections of leather. Founded in 2010, the brand offers unique designs and sculptural heels. They also feature low heel designs and pair well with a sleek leather tote. Yuul Yie shoes are the perfect match for a leather handbag. Its signature color, red, is a staple of the brand’s collection.

Yuul Yie

Created by SunyuulYie in 2010, YuulYie is a unique South Korean brand that makes high-end contemporary shoes that celebrate the beauty of imperfection. The brand is inspired by modern art pieces and nature, merging classical elements with sculptural designs. Their signature styles include architectural heels and metal mules, and come in both men’s and women’s sizes. Click to know Ulla Johnson  The brand has won praise for its unique designs and is sold in a range of global fashion retailers.

The company’s high-quality footwear focuses on using local talent to produce its products. Each pair of shoes is handcrafted by local artisans in Marikina, Philippines. It also strives to minimize waste and utilizes as much leather as possible. While the website has commercial affiliate links, the quality of the products is worth the price tag. The shoes can be worn at any occasion. For a night out on the town, consider the brand’s stylish leather backpacks and streamlined leather bags.

Sandra Choi

The South Korean designer of the footwear line YuulYie launched a second label in 2015 and focuses on the online market. The designs are more affordable and have less detailing, resulting in shoes that can sell for 300,000 to 500,000 won. The brand’s trademark high heels are sculptural and based on elements of nature and modern art. The sculptural heels are inspired by a wide variety of sources, including coral reefs, stones found on the street, the Arabic alphabet, and geometric shapes such as trapezoids.

While bags don’t need to be different sizes, shoes do. Because they are usually worn by more people, the range of sizes is a major selling point. Yie is passionate about creating shoes with three sizes of heels – small, medium, and large. She uses different angles when calculating the height of the heel to create an appealing shape for each season. The result of all this hard work is a line of shoes that are incredibly versatile and stylish.


The debut line of shoes by YuulYie, a South Korean footwear label, was released in 2010. The line is distinguished by eye-catching sculptural styles and Italian leather. Designed by SunyuulYie, the line also features on-trend low heels and pearl embellishments. The company’s footwear is handcrafted in Seoul, and the company has a wide selection of shoes to choose from.

A popular South Korean brand, YuulYie is known for custom-made leather shoes. The company uses Italian leather and makes all of its hardware in-house. The company is a fan favorite among fashionistas because of its playful take on classic shoe shapes. Many pairs are sold in multiple colors and sizes, allowing customers to pick a style to complement their wardrobe. The brand also offers handbags and accessories.


The iconic custom-made leather shoes and accessories of South-Korean footwear label YuulYie are a fashion statement in themselves. Founded in 2010, the brand is known for its sculptural heels and bold, colourful details. The company creates all of its signature hardware in-house, using the highest quality European leathers and embellishments. The brand’s unique designs are highly sought-after by fashion influencers and shoppers alike.

This South-Korean footwear label debuted in 2010 and quickly became an instant cult favorite. The shoes are constructed with Italian leather and feature intricate details and painterly color references. The brand also designs hardware that is manufactured in-house to give the shoes a uniquely unique look. The brand’s signature heels are especially striking, and are a perfect choice for taller women.

Charles & Keith

The South-Korean footwear brand is founded by SunyuulYie, who studied women’s fashion design at the prestigious Esmod Seoul fashion school. Now click to byredo for best perfume. She won a grand prize during her time there. After graduating, she worked at various fashion houses in Seoul. She later became involved in the footwear industry through a friend. In 2010, she launched the first collection under the YuulYie name: Ma Vie En Rose. The brand name was changed to YUUL YIE the next year.


The company has since expanded its presence to several countries, with a flagship store in Harajuku, Tokyo, and other outlets in Japan. These stores are all company-owned or operated in a joint venture. In 2015, the company began expanding to Cambodia, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. As its global distribution network continues to expand, Charles & Keith YuulYie has been the top choice of fashion brands in Japan.

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